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Jerez, Zacatecas.....

Family owned and operated since 1996...

Wanting to pursue a better life for himself, Gabino left his town of El Salitre, Zacatecas, Mexico and headed to the United States of America. 

Finding himself in California, he entered the restaurant business and started as a waiter at a restaurant named "El Barrilito". Little did he know what would become of this..

A few years later, El Barrilito closed their doors and the doors reopened as "Don Perico" with Gabino as a Manager.

In 1996, Gabino took over as the new proud owner of Don Perico Mexican and Seafood restaurant. Don Perico thrived and twenty-four years later, a second location opened on Hageman road. 

Gabino and his staff strive to provide the best Mexican food in town. The staff, Gabino and his family invites you on over to experience and enjoy everything they have to offer, they expect that soon you will become one of their regular customers that have been with him through his journey since 1996'.

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